Gratitude & Memorials

Nov 9, 2022

We Remember Them…

We started this month of gratitude on All Saints Day by dedicating our Guest Memorial Wall. A permanent installation remembers guests who have died since the first year of RITI Memphis. We acknowledge them, give thanks for knowing them, and recognize there are many more unknown to us who have died while experiencing homelessness in our community.

At RITI the star is a symbol of great meaning. Stars guide us on our journey; stars light the way in the darkness; stars bring beauty to cold, dark, lonely nights. We’ve chosen stars to hold the names of the guests who have died. These are the names of those whose memory has led us to this place – and will guide us forward. And though we wish the list would stop here, it has already grown – and each December, on the longest night of the year, we will continue to add stars – to honor them – and each day we will pass their names in this place, remembering who they were and why we are here.

We invite you to join us in honoring their memory and welcome you to come reflect at the memorial anytime you would like to visit.


Thank you to our Fall Semester Interns from

Rhodes College, Union University, and University of Memphis!

Manal Ahmad, Community Engagement

Abby Figueroa, Community Engagement

Taylor Harris, Creative Assistant

Melanie Hooker, Family Inn

Mary La, Volunteer Services

Sonji Mickens, Family Inn

Josh Morris, Community Engagement

Jincy Smith, Recuperative Care

Demi Watts, Family Inn


Isaiah Robinson, Recuperative Care, concludes a two-semester internship and graduates this December! 

If you have a faith community or small group interested in creating safe spaces for shelter this winter, contact us. We even have locations available for use!
The need is great, and we need YOU!