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Emergency Shelter Positions

Outreach Coordinator: Part-time

TO APPLY: Email a resume and cover letter to innkeeper@ritimemphis.org

The Outreach Coordinator is tasked with the day to day management and operation of the Winter Shelter program. This includes engaging with community partners to register guests prior to the beginning of the shelter season (November 1), managing guest check-in and dispersing to congregations each evening, and addressing any concerns with guests. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for developing relationships with guests and is sensitive to the unique needs of those experiencing homelessness. View Full Job Description.




The Room in the Inn VISTA project will seek to create a sustainable education program and learning environment for homeless children. Through program building, research, and data management project members will build the capacity of Room in the Inn to increase children’s stability in school performance, presence, and social behavior. The project includes identifying fundraising opportunities, creating and strengthening community partnerships, building curriculum, and volunteer training and management. Three VISTA members will lead this project. All applications go through the AmeriCorps portal: Go where the need is greatest: join AmeriCorps VISTA and serve with organizations that help fight poverty. Find out more about AmeriCorps VISTA!

CITI Fundraising Manager VISTA

Research the local, state, and national data for children experiencing homelessness. Compile qualitative and quantitative data based on your research. Plan for performance measurement and a marketing strategy using the needs assessment data collected. Establish community awareness and engagement with the project. Conduct research to identify any potential grant funding, un-tapped community partnerships, and other funding opportunities. Apply here.

CITI Curriculum Coordinator VISTA

Meet with staff and current program participants to assess current needs. Establish the needs of the project and the community it serves by researching the local, state, and national data for children experiencing homelessness. Identify how this research and data relates directly to program participants. Create after-school, tutoring, and mentoring curricula focused on learning, recreation, and behavioral health for each age group: 5-8, 9-12, 13-17. As a result of this service, volunteers will be able to lead programming tailored to the needs of program participants to continue improving homeless children’s behavioral health and academic performance. Apply here.