Recuperative care center

Have you ever wondered what happens to someone experiencing homelessness who is released from the hospital and needs a safe place to fully recover?   


Hospital Referral

Call: (901) 467-0122


In 2021, RITI Memphis opened the Mid-South’s first Recuperative Care Center for people experiencing homelessness – a 21 bed unit offering recovery services for those who are released from hospitals across the Mid-South.     

Referrals to the Recuperative Care Center are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and come from area hospitals, emergency rooms, and clinics for patients who no longer require medical care but are in need of time and space for recovery and resources for sustainable housing and healthcare.  

At Room In The Inn-Memphis, we believe each individual deserves opportunities for lifelong learning and self-empowerment. In addition to direct support, we will provide a variety of daily education and workforce development programming to help guests along their journey. Many of these opportunities are led by volunteers and other community partners. This programming will include daily classes on Creative Expression, Recovery, Health Education, Nutrition, Exercise, Financial Literacy, and more.  


CARES Act Funding allowed RITI to pilot the Recuperative Care program in March 2020 by providing hotel stays for people experiencing homelessness when discharged from the hospital while construction on the RITI Campus at the historic Collins Chapel Hospital was being completed. 

66 Individuals were sheltered and received care through this pilot program in 2020.  

Hospitality Makes a Difference

“Many of us know that when we leave the hospital, it takes some time before we’re able to resume our normal lives.  Often we recuperate at home, but that option may not be available for someone who is homeless.  Until now, when a person experiencing homelessness was released from the hospital, where they went to recuperate was often left to chance,” -Rev. Lisa Anderson, Executive Director.