Monthly Donors Give Growth

Oct 12, 2022

There is a door frame in my grandparents’ house marking my height from ages 3 to 15. Lines etched deeply with Poppy’s pencil, an annual tradition on my birthday – an imprint, a reminder of my growth and our special bond. 

I know many of you have similar marks on a doorway or wall somewhere. Some of us grew steadily, an inch or two a year, and some of us had a year with a great jump – when all of our growth seemed to come at once. 

The past year and a half has been more like that sudden spurt at RITI, and we’ve carefully navigated our sudden and exciting growth as we put on our “new shoes” and took our first steps into a new building and two new programs. 

That jump in our growth chart from 2020 to 2022 will forever tell its own story. You may see it best in the number of guests we serve, in the number of staff working day-to-day, in the building we now call our home, in the budget numbers, or in the many new ways to serve as volunteers. There’s a little more of everything, and we’re so grateful. 

As we continue settling into what it now means to be Room in the Inn – Memphis, we invite you to join us as monthly donors. 

Currently we have nearly 100 monthly donors who have helped bring us this far. Their gifts range from $5 to $500 a month, and together they support RITI with over $5000 each month! In light of our great growth these past two years, we set a lofty goal to DOUBLE those monthly donations. Will you become a monthly donor and help us reach this goal? 

Monthly donations show a shared commitment to our growth. Regular monthly donations allow us to realistically plan for our future. Together we share our dreams of the ways we will continue to identify the challenges faced by RITI guests and the ways we can grow to fill those gaps and create sustainable solutions alongside those we serve. I hope you’ll join me as a monthly donor to sustain the important work of Room in the Inn. 

Whitney Brown

Creative Director

When you become a monthly donor, you contribute to the future!
Any amount is helpful from $5 to $500