Light, Love, Shelter

Nov 10, 2021

Highlights from RITI’s November INN SIGHT

November means the start of our 13th RITI Winter Shelter Season. This year, we celebrate the #lightloveshelter shared by the Inn Crowd each winter through the Congregational Shelter Program and now all year long with the Recuperative Care Center and Family Inn!

Light, Love, and Shelter also make up the three pieces of the RITI logo:


The star that lights the way to the Inn, where a traveling family finds hospitality and safety on the night of Jesus’ birth. RITI Memphis adopted this star from the logo of the organization who inspired our beginnings, Room In The Inn, established in Nashville in 1986.


At RITI Memphis, we call our heaping dose of love shared among staff, volunteers, and guests “Holy Hospitality.” It’s a type of care and welcome that flows in every direction, reaches beyond differences, and changes those on both sides of the relationship.


The mission of RITI Memphis is sheltering those experiencing homelessness in a safe environment of hospitality. Congregational Winter Shelter takes place in faith communities throughout Shelby County. The Recuperative Care Center and Family Inn shelter guests 24/7/365. All shelter is free and committed to the dignity and safety of our guests.

For a look back at the last year of RITI, read our Annual Report.



Every semester, RITI welcomes new interns to the team. This semester’s students will be with us all the way through April! Welcome:

  • La’Sandra Barrett, Union University MSW
  • Emilie Blais, Rhodes College
  • Sonji Mickens, Union University BSW
  • Carlissa Moore, Union University MSW
  • Missy Rose, University of Memphis MSW
  • Jincy Smith, Union University BSW
  • Shreya Visvanathan, Rhodes College
  • Passion Wells, Union University MSW

Interns fill essential roles at RITI: facilitating guest intake, conducting research, resource building, answering calls, facilitating support groups, and more! Internships are unpaid and can be assigned for course credit with approval from your educational institution. See open internships here!

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