Housing Stabilization

Oct 13, 2021

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, RITI is delighted to introduce the Housing Stabilization project.

Kathleen Gathje joins the RITI team as the Housing Stabilization Coordinator. Kathleen works with RITI guests as they transition from the RITI program into their own housing. As the program grows, Kathleen and volunteer Housing Stabilization Guides will assist guests with their initial move and provide follow-up support for six months to a year.

“Working hand in hand with Kathleen has really made the model of sustainability a reality. Being able to provide support in terms of helping locate employment, locating resources available in their community, and helping to foster independence for ¬†families who have moved reassures them and us that they are capable of doing what we always believed they could.”

– Charie Carroll, Family Advocate

RITI is thrilled to take this step with our guests – beyond emergency shelter and into sustainable housing.