Giving Hope

May 10, 2023


Building Community on Love & Respect

Welcoming All as an Expression of Faith

Giving Hope and Hospitality

in a Safe Environment

This month we explore what it means to be “Giving Hope” by reflecting our 2nd Annual “INN BLOOM: CELEBRATION OF NEW BEGINNINGS” held last month. 

Inn Bloom celebrates the new beginnings and next steps RITI guests have and will achieve and is the birthday of the RITI Campus, Recuperative Care Center, and Family Inn programs!

483 of those sheltered were children under the age of 18.

With support from the RITI community, 226 people have moved to their new home since April 2021.

RITI’s Guest Advocates have accompanied 30 guests on the path to employment during their stay at RITI.

Hope has many faces. While we strive to “give hope” as part of our call to serve with Room in the Inn, the guests are often our best teachers.

Together, we believe more is possible

We work to achieve goals

We seek justice in broken systems

We walk together in celebrations, sorrows, and second chances

We give (and receive) seeds of hope,

and we watch them BLOOM.


Your Gift Grows

Plant a seed, and watch it BLOOM