Remembering Bradley Winchester

May 1, 2023

We mourn the loss of Brad Winchester, who has been a RITI guest for the past twelve years.


We have had the honor of accompanying Brad through both celebrations and sorrows in that time, including the death of his daughter and mother, whom he loved dearly. We will miss Brad – his presence, kindness, humor, and stories about “Mr. Boots,” his beloved cat. A few times over the years Brad secured housing, and would eventually return to us in need of shelter. Returns like that are hard, with disappointment and sadness on all sides, and yet holy hospitality means the door is always open, the community is always there, and Brad knew he always had a place to return to when he was in need. May he find eternal welcome and much needed rest as we give thanks for the life of Brad Winchester.
A memorial service is being planned, and we will notify the RITI community when information is available.


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