On Love

Feb 8, 2023


As we continue our exploration of RITI’s Core Values, January focused on “Building Community” and February appropriately takes us into, “On Love.”

A theme of love in February is no surprise. You’ll probably see lots of messages about love this month as Valentine’s Day approaches. February is also Black History Month, and last semester RITI intern, Taylor Harris (Rhodes College) researched and created something to share with you to highlight and bring awareness on how homelessness disproportionately affects African-Americans.

What’s love got to do with that? Dr. Cornel West says, “Justice is what love looks like in public,” and MLK has been quoted as saying, “Love is not the answer. It is the assignment.” If you’re receiving this newsletter, it’s likely you volunteer or donate to RITI. Maybe you provide winter shelter at one of our host congregations. Maybe you’re a community partner. Chances are, you understand the deep and unseverable connection between love and justice. Thank you for joining us in this important work as we put love into action.

Below is a presentation in honor of Black History Month.

“Black Americans Disproportionately Impacted by Homelessness” Presentation
Click the link to open click-through slideshow describing the historical disparity of homelessness’ impact on the African Americans. Presentation research and design by Taylor Harris, RITI Intern from Rhodes College.

Be a Part of the Change

We invite you to continue to be a part of changing these statistics by coming to know the stories of the real people experiencing homelessness in Memphis. Volunteer with RITI to learn firsthand what love can look like and how it can change the world.